Becoming an Everyday Adventurer

Traveling can be such a buzz word. There are so many ideas out there about what traveling looks like, many of which involve dropping everything to go see the world. Hold that wanderlust for just a moment though, I want to talk about being an everyday adventurer in your own home state or country.

Being an everyday adventure to me means you enjoy spending time exploring areas closer to home. I love traveling internationally but a big part of my heart belongs to road trips and being a weekend warrior. As a gal that has road tripped through over half of United States to visit public lands, national parks, and local oddities I wanted to share my best tips for getting the most out of local adventures!

Do a little research before you head out, but don’t plan out the whole trip! It’s essential to have some knowledge of the key areas you want to visit but leave room for spontaneous side trips!

My first stop is always at the visitor center. They often have loads of free maps, detailed tours, freebies, and the best insider info.

Free visitor maps with local attractions
  • Use location apps like Groupon, Yelp, or Trip Advisor to see what others are saying about the town and activities. It’s helpful for other travelers if you include your experiences as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a tourist! Stop at the roadside attractions and visit with the shop owners. They always have the best stories.
Ward Charcoal Ovens, Nevada
  • Use Air bnb for your overnight accommodations. I’ve stayed with hosts and also been a host, and I can say I absolutely love this community! It’s the best way to learn about the hot places in town, and usually tips to avoid the crowds. Our hosts in Santa Barbara led us to the best Mexican food we’ve ever had!

  • Explore during the shoulder season. Hitting places during this time usually means lower prices and fewer crowds. Like the time we visited Bryce Canyon in April and woke up to an empty park thanks to 4 inches of snow.
Bryce Canyon NP with fresh snow
  • Find Perks! AAA is one carrier that gets you discounts at attractions and lodging. Bonus: roadside assistance if your road tripping!
  • Save some money by visiting the grocery shops and eating local foods. We love to visit farmers markets for fresh produce and then have a picnic.

On a beach with havarti

Some of my greatest travel memories are from my home state and home country. Like the time we visited the Oregon Coast and toured Jacobsen Salt Co. and then made homemade pretzels with fresh Oregon Sea Salt.

Jacobsen Sea Salt Co. Pretzels

I hope these tips encourage you to get out there and see a little more of your beautiful backyard! If you have some tips of your own please share them below. Happy travels!


2 thoughts on “Becoming an Everyday Adventurer

  1. This is definitely one of my favorite blogs you’ve written. I like seeing all of your tips & ideas for “local adventure”. Sometimes being a tourist in your own home State can be fun. I also really love the pictures! They give a clear view of your joy and how much fun you’re having (even if it’s just making pretzels)!

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