Essentials for Your Carry On

I’ve been living out of my backpack for the majority of the last 3 months. In that time I’ve traveled over 16,000 miles via car, plane, boat, and bus. I’ve learned the value of packing my bag with just the right tools to get from destination to destination and I want to share them with you!

As I comfortably cruise above the Sierra Nevadas, their lofty peaks showcase the remains of winter. I settle in for the flight to Phoenix and prepare the tray table with my travel essentials.

In flight service by yours truly.

In my small shoulder bag I always pack the above items. I’ve grown so accustomed to them, I carry them with pride and feel oddly attached to the comforts they provide.

SNACKS: My friends never go hungry when I’m around because I always pack snacks. My pockets are actually just holders for all my treats. When I fly, I always pack a real meal to avoid paying for overpriced airport food. Some of my favorite healthy snacks to pack are larabars, nuts, peanut butter packets, roasted seaweed, and dried fruit.

GIN-GINS: These little power packets are a travelers best friend. Their chewy gingery goodness always saves me from nausea, travelers tummy, and fighting off sickness. Bonus, they taste amazing and have all types of flavors. Apple and Original are my current faves. Check them out at

Packing my shoulder bag with Gin Gins for Mexico.

SPORK: I have two reasons for always carrying this gadget. First, I always pack real food and that often requires a utensil. Second, it’s a convient way to reduce the use of single serve utensils.

EAR GEAR: Yurbuds are my absolute all time favorite headphones. They have never once fallen out while exercising and are super comfy. In my travel bag I also stash 2 pairs of earplugs, for catching those essential sleeps.

CHARGING: This is the newest addition to my pack. This little charger actually charges my phone faster than an outlet and has enough juice for 4 charges. I didn’t use it much while in Asia but I used it almost daily during my 15 day overland tour of Baja.

I’m always looking for new ways to increase the comfortably of travel, what are some of your go-to packing essentials?

Travel Deeper xoxo Molly

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