Oregon’s Unique Hike Featuring a 240 ft. Suspension Bridge.

Drift Creek Falls is nestled in the coastal forest outside Lincoln City, Oregon. It is one of my favorite Oregon Hikes because it offers a truly unique experience in such a short jaunt! If you’re excited by lush forests, suspension bridges, and cascading waterfalls this hike is for you.

Details: 3 miles out and back, 500 feet elevation gain, easy-moderate hike, open year round, moderately trafficked, day use fee or NF pass required.

Pack: hiking shoes, rain shell, map, water, snacks, hat, and a sense of adventure.

It was early spring when my best friend and I headed out to see Drift Creek Falls. We were excited about getting to view the 75 foot waterfall but what really drew us in was the unique suspension bridge adjacent to the falls. The Suspension bridge let’s you view the falls while standing some 100 feet in the air. It’s a thrilling experience and one of the most unique hiking features in Oregon.

The hike itself is fairly moderate, with a 500 foot elevation gain. The trail cuts through a Douglas Fir ecosystem, giving the hiker ample opportunity to test their botanical skills. I recommend bringing along a plant ID booking and checking out some of the natural beauties along the way.

The beginning of the trail you’ll follow moderate switchbacks to descdend closer to the creek. The trail then crosses over the waters with the help of wooden foot bridges. Take care as these can be slippery in wet weather.

After roughly 1.4 miles the creek suddenly plunges 75 feet over a rock wall and crashes into the waters below, creating Drift Creek Falls. Here you will find the suspension bridge standing out amongst the drnse forest. If you’re brave enough, walk the 240 feet of the suspension bridge for a breath taking view of the falls and creek below. It’s truly a hikers delight!

If you were brave enough to try this one out let us know what you thought!

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